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Tableau tutorial #3 – filters and parameters

In visual analytics, data interaction can be as important data visualization. This tutorial is about adding interactivity to Tableau visualizations, specifically using Filters and Parameters. Filters Filters, you guessed it, let you filter data. In Tableau, they can be either static or interactive. An example of a static filter would be a condition that was set in worksheet mode to display a certain subset of the total data (eg. only.

Tableau overFLOWs

Tableau v9.0 virtual launch party overFLOWs with marketing jargon Tableau hosted an east-coast/west-coast Virtual User Group launch party to introduce their newest version, v9.0: the Flow release, as they coined it. __ First impression At the risk of sounding shallow, I expected a bit more polish from Tableau. They are a worldwide leader in the BI market and they boast impressive revenue and growth numbers. But with too much blunt.

Best class ever (yet?)

I created this data viz course and have delivered it four or five times now. As you might imagine, I didn’t get everything right the first time (“no guff!” I hear the first cohort saying) and, as a result, the course evolved from one iteration to the next. I have learned a thing or two about teaching along the way. The students in Continuing Studies are already pretty highly motivated.