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Services | Creative Technology

Multidisciplinary design

A true multidisciplinary designer, I have a proven track record of applying leading edge design to real world problems: healthcare, electronic waste, sustainability, affordable housing.


I use a range of ideation, development and foresighting methods (STEEPv and VUCA analytic frameworks, trend analysis, 2×2 scenario grid, Canvas business model) leading to innovation, future proofing and strategic decision making.

Data visualization

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a data visualization speaks a thousand numbers. I design ways to leverage interactive visualizations to improve the analysis, understanding and communications of complex data sets.

UX / IxD

User Experience Design and Interaction Design are multidisciplinary user centered design processes that use design and development tools to understand the end user experience in context: ethnography, horizon scans, foresighting, design fiction, personas, scenarios, storyboards, card sorting, user-flow diagrams, wireframing, prototyping, UI design and user testing.

Critical design

I love critical design when it uses irony, humour, absurdity, ambiguity, and provocation to disrupt people’s expectations of what constitutes good design, beauty, functionality and commercial viability, and makes them think twice about an otherwise invisible problem.


As a professional architect (my first career), I managed complex programs, lean budgets and demanding schedules, and coordinated multi-disciplinary teams of consultants and contractors. My award winning design has been showcased on The Nature of Things.


My experiences as a student, a teacher and a construction site leader for mixed skill level volunteers have taught me that learning is a full body experience, involving the senses, the mind and the hands.

Life long learning

I am passionate about learning new skills, and not afraid to put myself in challenging new situations for the sake of the experience and the learning outcomes.

Rapid prototyping

Development requires prototyping and hands-on testing. Fortunately, I like to make things with my own hands. I use Arduino boards, electronics, Processing and HTML for interactive prototypes, combined with traditional materials (wood, metal, acrylic, fabric, coat hangers, lego) to make low- to hi-fidelity prototypes.


I have excellent written and spoken communication skills suitable for client facing communications, multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder coordination, and multi-skill-level leadership.

Tools I use

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premier, HTML, CSS, Axure, Processing, Ketai, Arduino, Tableau, R, D3.js, Google Refine, Xpath, AutoCad, SketchUp – and a quick study at the rest.