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Anne Stevens | Creative Technology

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A true multidisciplinary designer and creative technologist, I have a solid track record of leading edge design applied to real world problems (health care, electronic waste, sustainability, affordable housing).

I offer the latest in digital media and design thinking combined with over ten years’ private practice business experience. My Master of Design in Digital Futures from OCAD University combined digital media and technology with critical design and business innovation. My first career — architecture — involved design, production, client communications, multistakeholder and multidisciplinary coordination, hands on construction and all aspects of business and project management. The net result? An agile designer with the cross-over skills necessary to bridge between Creative, Production, Innovation, Marketing, Communications and Analytics departments.

My designs have won national design competitions and been showcased on CBC’s The Nature of Things; my research has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Key areas of expertise

  • Data visualization and analytics
  • UX / IxD
  • User centered design methods
  • Foresighting and innovation methods
  • Screen and non-screen media
  • Outside the box creativity
  • Teaching
  • Oral, written and visual communication