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How to apply for your dream job | Creative Technology

How to apply for your dream job

The backstory
Camping and outdoor gear manufacturer, Woods Canada, recently launched a social media campaign for the summer of 2015. They want to hire two keeners to get all decked out with Woods gear and hike and/or canoe the Trans Canada Trail for four months. That’s the ‘dream’ part. The ‘job’ part is that they will have to be all over social media about the experience – and, of course, about the Woods products.

My job application
Thinking that this job has my name all over it, I submitted the video job application above. Here’s why:

  • • I’m an experienced hiker, backpacker and canoeist
  • • I have a passion for overland travel
  • • I’m a storyteller, photographer and tech-savvy innovator
  • • I take on challenges head on, and I’m not afraid to dive in the deep end
  • • I finish what I start
  • • and, yes, I can take it.

OMG, I would love this job and I’d be great. Have to admit, I’m curious how things will pan out from here. For example:

  • • does Woods have a predetermined idea of who they want for these two positions, i.e. one man, one woman; one french speaker, one english etc.?
  • • or are they planning to open up the selection process to social media too, with some kind of voting system? If so, I wonder what effect that will have.

In any event, I’m happy for the opportunity and really pleased with how my video turned out. I think it speaks volumes about me.