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Building Blocks Homes | Creative Technology

Building Blocks Homes

What do we do about suburbia?

The challenge for this competition, held by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority and the Design Exchange in Toronto, was to create a prototype for sustainable, affordable and viable housing specifically targeted at the mass-production housing market. The design had to appeal to home-builders and –buyers alike.

The solution, Building Blocks Homes, is a modular design. Modular blocks combine to form different housing typologies – detached, semi-detached, row- and stacked townhouses – resulting in neighbourhood diversity both of built form and price point. Modules combine to create two- to seven-bedroom homes.

The 24” framing grid adapts to stick construction, SIPs panels or a factory build, making the design accessible to all builders. Adaptable spaces increase home ownership longevity: a granny suite, adaptable garage and adaptable handicap-accessible bedroom/study add to the modular options. Renovation-ready attics and basements increase the pool of potential buyers.

The two completed houses have exceeded the environmental requirements of the competition and been certified LEED platinum, the highest-possible rating in the LEED green-building rating system.

Made with bleeding edge design, multi-stakeholder coordination and hands-on construction